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The Book Based On

True Bounty Hunting Stories

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The Book Based On

True Bounty Hunting Stories


A Book About
Real Life Bounty Hunting

Over 25 Years of Experience

This journey takes me back to the late 80’s. Coming from a correctional officer background, I was able to tap into a multi- stream of personalities and criminal minded circumstances.

When a person wants to learn behaviors, they must be an excellent listener, that way, you’re able to absorb and learn so much knowledge about how people move. Bounty Hunting from the eighties to the present, changes like the seasons. One has to be able to adapt to time and a good diet. The more you take care of yourself the longer you last in this business. Staying mentally sharp and abreast to the laws of the land keeps you alive.

Apprehension With Finesse

Its important to create a relationship with an offender’s personal side such as family and close relatives. Everyone has a closeness to something or someone, and sometimes they lose the responsible relationship to that closeness, that’s when finesse is created. Always tap into a person’s needs, and show concern and compassion for their environment and their loved ones, that way, when a bounty hunting job takes an aggressive turn, don’t show force, show compassion first, it helps with the cooperation of justice. Keep in mind, the human makeup still consist of a conscious and a heart, and if used correctly, cooperation usually falls in place.

Captured Over Two Thousand Felons

The greatest difficulty in apprehending, is finding where a person is. Now in most circumstances, people generally develop a fear for court. Its not that they don’t want to go, its that they fear the outcome.

My job becomes difficult when I have to put a team together and track them down. I will travel anywhere to bring them back to justice. I always maintain a clear and perfect record with the Justice Department. Many judges praise my high regard to return individuals to their court, no matter what the bond amount is. Once you develop a consistent pattern of return, you just don’t quit.

Recovery Agent From A Multi-Stream of Nationalities

The best way to apprehend anyone is to be able to communicate in any circumstance, and in any Language. So, I matched my bounty hunters up with the Language that fit the bond apprehension.

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The writer “Bovell” is an East Coast born and raised Delawarean, with over 25 years of Bounty Hunting experience, and over 2000 criminal Apprehensions. Over the years the Hunter was able to adapt to the many cultures and behaviors to catch the common criminal.

His military experience and correctional officer background helped him understand just how people moved. Most people commit criminal activities in order to get around the legal system. Having an open mind when communicating with families, helped the Hunter over the years understand how to deal with his own family.

Many years of his adult life, the Hunter introduced his personality to politics, only to find out that everyday issues affect all families, and that’s when his level of concern changed his apprehension strategy. Traveling across America, the Hunter noticed a high percentage of crimes consist of survival, so being aggressive in apprehending must be balanced with compassion.

Its necessary to educate yourself with the laws of every state when returning a fugitive. Its the laws that will have you behind bars if you’re not careful.

The Hunter always benefits when he arrives hours or days before other hunters so he can provide a safe haven of exits, routes, and lines of communication.

It is the Hunter’s privilege to extend to his readers that no Lives were Lost in the Line of duty under his years of profession, and no criminals successfully escaped justice.